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Open Information Land Tightens, Digg Has No RSS Now.

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Regarding Alexa most of users found relaunched site worse than ever. However, it was predictable. But amongst other stupid things made by NY hipsters crew there is one trendy and totally ugly. I mean lack of standard information sharing support in form of RSS/ATOM.

First, Facebook and Twitter removed RSS links. That’s the scary trend in the era of ecosystem war. But now I can’t find RSS link even on news site! Instead, I’m offered to download iPhone/iOs application. But I haven’t any Apple gadget and don’t want to install any additional application. I want to add news sources to my RSS reader and get all buzz around in one place.

Future of the Web could be only in open information, meaningful mashups and data syndication. Today’s trend to close information gives benefits only to big companies owning large social networks. But not for user willing only to read qualiaty news collected from tens or hundreds sources or get aggregated analysis of open data.