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Why Scala+PlayFramework Could Be the Best Choice for Your Startup

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Do you plan to change this world with a web startup? Thinking about technology stack? Monsterous Spring+hundreds of other Java frameworks or elegant, trendy but bit controversial Ruby on Rails? Don’t think about any compromises, think about Scala+PlayFramework 2!

What gives you Scala and PlayFramework combination?

  • Play’s CLI(command line interface), hit refresh workflow, conciseness of Scala code and powerful abstractions provided by the framework(and dependent frameworks too, e.g. Specs2) give you stunning speed of development. In fact, you can have development speed typical for dynamic language while having all benefits of strong static typing. A startup needs for fast prototyping, so get it!

  • A startup should be scalable to handle fast growth of userbase. Stateless framework architecture & built-in Akka support give you highest level of scalability.

  • Scala is the JVM language means you can easily use thousands of opensource frameworks for map-reduce data processing, NLP, ML, genetic algorithms etc… Java was(and is) standard for academic open-source frameworks, #1 language for Apache Software Foundation(more than 100 opensource projects) etc. It adds speed to the prototyping, make your system more simple(one platform means less headache), also makes you development process much cheaper.

  • Type safety gives you more stable and predictable development process(easier refactorings, avoiding of some types of errors etc). Unit tests are not enough, there is no doubt.

  • Built-in asynchronous HTTP support makes modern web applications development easy.

P.S. I’m passionate about PlayFramework 2.x(already used it for 3 Scala and 1 Java projects). Next month I’m thinking about navigation plugin development(a bit like play navigator, but with formal FSM approach). Please write me if you want to contribute.