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Investigating Namecoin Database Pt. 1 : Introduction & Objects Counting

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Probably you get some knowledge about cryptocurrencies from all that massive buzz around. But cryptocurrencies are not only buzz about another merchant accepting Bitcoin, market news, fun story involving dogecoin etc. A lot of tech possibilities we have now behind just money as digital property being transferring from one peer to another.

One of the notable alternative cryptocurrencies is Namecoin, which could be considered as currency and key-value database as well with auto-expiration of records injected in the blockchain. Owner of record has to pay (0.01 NMC for now) to have it in database for period of time of 36,000 blocks(~250 days).

You can insert any name-value record in the database, though there are some formal namespaces, two for now: DNS system for .bit domains(names starting with “d/”) and NameId which is fully decentralized OpenId alternative(names starting with “id/”).

Objects Counting

We are starting to get deeper into the Namecoin database with counting named objects in it.

First, install Namecoin daemon namecoind (very like Bitcoin’s bitcoind installation), for details, visit or . Wait while blockchain will be downloaded.

Then pull out all active records into out.txt file with

namecoind name_scan "" 1000000 > out.txt

To count all objects in database dump you have now use

cat out.txt | grep '"name"' | wc -l

To count .bit domains being registered

cat out.txt | grep '"name" : "d/' | wc -l

To count NameId entries

cat out.txt | grep '"name" : "id/' | wc -l

As of today, Feb 26th, 2014, Namecoin database contains 156276 entries in total, including 140237 .bit domains and 2919 NameIds.