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Shareholders Meeting via Blockchain in 20 Lines of Code

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Seems we are witnesses of a new revolution in the corporate world caused by blockchain technologies. We’re moving quickly to virtual corporations, distributed autonomous corporations, smart contracts, new models of funding and so on. This article is about an exciting possibility of having distributed shareholders meetings where results are public and counted in trustless way.

Since late April I’m working on NXT cryptocurrency as a core developer. NXT is a 100% proof-of-stake cryptocurrency aiming “to transform a cryptocurrency into a decentralised financial platform that supports a thriving and fast-growing digital economy” (unlike hybrid Ripple’s approach which isn’t fully decentralized). Since May, 12th NXT has Asset Exchange (NXT AE) as a core feature. Anyone can issue assets on this totally decentralized and uncontrolled exchange and trade them. You can watch the assets being issued in web via several sites, e.g. NextBlocks, NXTReporting or SecureAE (you can even buy stocks with Bitcoins there). Spending some time on assets investigation you can find many possible applications of NXT AE, and many more are undiscovered yet.

In particular, you can fund your business via asset issuance getting money from anyone (not just angels/VCs) like KickStarter, but from day one and with no any fees. Probably you’ll get money from a community having a need for you product. It would be awesome to get feedback and community-powered decisions also, right?

With voting system I have finished recently that will be possible. The voting system will be introduced in NRS (NXT Reference Software) 1.3.x (x>0) or 1.4.0. The next stable release version is 1.2.1, so voting API & GUI will be accessible sometime in September, probably (earlier in testnet). But I can share some API details right now as they will be untouched probably.

Consider the example of an indy developer making a game. He got some funds via asset exchange. Then he made promising v.1 of the game. A concept is still raw as well as an implementation but fans are excited! So he wants to ask the community whether he should polish v.1 or make v.2 immediately built on top of better concept, or… So he’s starting the poll:

    val question = "Further directions in game development. "
    val description = "I got some great reviews. I have 10000 NXTs left. How should I spend them?"

    val finishBlockHeight = Nxt.getBlockchain.getHeight + 1440 // ~= 1 day
    val options = Array("Improve graphics and release it ASAP", "Start to work on v.2 to get funds for it's development", "Better ask experts, e.g. attend GameDev Conference", "Game is abortive. Stop working on it.")

    val optionModel = Poll.OPTION_MODEL_CHOICE
    val votingModel = Poll.VOTING_MODEL_ASSET

    val pb = new PollBuilder(question, desc, options, finishBlockHeight, optionModel, votingModel)
    val assetId: Long =  // assetId here
    pb.optionsNumRange(1, 1) // only 1 option to choose

    issueTxToGodId(new Attachment.MessagingPollCreation(pb), phrase1)

A vote could be sent with following code:

    val poll = Poll.getByName(question).head
    val vote = Array(0.toByte, 1.toByte, 0.toByte, 0.toByte)
    val attachment = new Attachment.MessagingVoteCasting(poll.getId, vote)
    issueTxToGodId(attachment, phrase2) 

1440 blocks after starting the poll we can get and print to console poll results(where 1 asset=1 vote):

    val pr = PollResults.get(poll.getId).get
    pr match {
        case cpr: nxt.PollResults#Choice =
            val m = cpr.getResults.toMap

So we have fair, cheap, public & distributed shareholders voting! Just imagine how it could change the world of business.