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Scorex - Ultracompact Cryptocurrency Engine for Hackers

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There are two huge problems around cryptocurrencies development project Scorex aims to help to solve:

  • Bitcoin source code contains more 100K lines of code(80K of C++ only), Nxt is about more than 45K line of Java code. All parts of the design(network/transactions/consensus layers) are mixed in a hard way. So researchers & developers are definitely not in a good start position to make any experiments. In opposite, Scorex is less than 4K lines of Scala code. Transactions layer is as simple as just tokens transfers. Consensus algo could be switched easily(with two consensus algos out of the box, one could be replaced with an another with just one line of code edited!)

  • Major coins forks are trying to make IPO immediately, often having just one or two pretty controversial features introduced. Scorex is intentionally not production-ready, so please participate in any non-commercial experiments built on top of it, but don’t buy tokens unless you are 100+% sure what are you doing.


  • Compact, functional, actors-powered code
  • Two 100% Proof-of-Stake consensus algos out of the box, Nxt-like and Qora-like. One algo could be replaced with an another with just one line of code edited (in Constants.scala)
  • Simplest transactions model
  • Asynchronous network layer on top of TCP
  • Command line client for the JSON API
  • Curve25519 for signatures


There are two releases planned at the moment:

Lagonaki - initial release aiming to provide modular and simple product for hackers.

Kizhi - another branch in development with proof-of-stake consensus algo allows contribution to multiple branches following our papers, along with Nothing-at-Stake attack script etc.


Lagonaki release is mostly ready, there are about 30 todos in code to get done though. We’ll fix them within next few weeks. Some documentation will be written as well. At this point it will be an announcement(this message is the pre-announcement).

Then we’ll test Nxt forging algo improvements proposals with it(a proposal document will be published within next few weeks). And then we’ll work on Kizhi.


Scorex is made by Consensus Research microteam previously worked on Proof-of-Stake investigation:

Alexander Chepurnoy aka kushti - Nxt developer & cofounder. Has few published papers in Computer Science field(finite state systems related), writing PHD at the moment.

andruiman - serial entrepreneur with theoretical physics background, big fan of Coq interactive theorem prover & functional programming.


We’re highly welcome contributions in form of pull requests, testing, issues reporting, and forking for sure :)


Also we would be happy to get donations. You can buy our asset on Nxt Assets Exchange:, Bitcoin wallet is 17YksFD7eRB4NhPfEtGrGnuvuwpkAeBd7f .

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