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Lagonaki, First Public Testnet on Top of Scorex, Has Been Launched!

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Scorex is fully open (open-sourced under public domain license) modular blockchain framework (GitHub) . Modular means you can swap a consensus or transactional part of a blockchain system or add a new p2p protocol as easy as possible. The project is supported by IOHK company (

To prove that the framework is indeed modular we have implemented few modules: Proof-of-Stake consensus, Permacoin implementation, and simplest transactional module with just tokens transfers from one pubkey to another(the only one kind of transactional modules unfortunately).

Permacoin is a consensus protocol based on non-interactive Proof-of-Retrievability scheme for a static dataset. Paper is made by Miller/Shi/Juels/Katz/Parno: .

We are launching first testnet release called Lagonaki. Lagonaki = Scorex + Permacoin + SimplestTransactions

Lagonaki Debian package and sources: Testnet seed node API is opened there:

You can also run Lagonaki in a Docker(set wallet seed & wallet password in settings.json). Readme is in the Scorex repository(you can temporarily run Lagonaki from there).

I’m filling wiki pages at the moment.

Please contribute by testing! We are also looking for contributors. In particular, it would be amazing to see Bitcoin and Ethereum-like transactional modules (possible by reusing BitcoinJ/EthereumJ code I guess). And please join developers maillist.