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How to set up and configure full Ergo node

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Smart Contracts for the People


Authenticated Dynamic Dictionaries, With Applications To Cryptocurrencies

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Scorex 2.0: A Full-Node View

RollerChain, a Blockchain With Safely Pruneable History

The Moral Character of Cryptocurrency-Related Work

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Cryptocurrency State Representation: Boxes vs Accounts

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Lagonaki, First Public Testnet on Top of Scorex, Has Been Launched!

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On Private Blockchains, Technically

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Vandalizing on Ethereum Blockchain

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Towards a New Frontier of The Smart Contracts: Hawk and Enigma

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On the Way to a Modular Cryptocurrency, Part 2: Stackable API

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On the Way to a Modular Cryptocurrency, Part 1: Generic Block Structure

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A Cryptocurrency Architecture

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Phasing Transactions in Nxt Part 1: Introduction, Phasing-Safety

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Voting System guide for developers & experienced users

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Scorex - Ultracompact Cryptocurrency Engine for Hackers

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CAP Theorem and The Blockchain as The Database

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Forging Simulation Tool For a Proof-of-Stake Cryptocurrency

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Inside a Proof-of-Stake Cryptocurrency part 4: The Executable Forging Simulation

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Inside a Proof-of-Stake Cryptocurrency part 3: A Local Ledger

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Inside a Proof-of-Stake Cryptocurrency part 2: Forging Algorithm

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Inside a Proof-of-Stake Cryptocurrency part 1: Basic Structures

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Inside a Cryptocurrency / Inside The Nxt - announce

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Shareholders Meeting via Blockchain in 20 Lines of Code

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Faster Cosine Similarity Between Two Dicuments With Scala&Lucene

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Investigating Namecoin Database Pt. 1 : Introduction & Objects Counting

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Flattening Scala Futures(Future[Future[T]] --> Future[T])

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Learn Play! Framework by Example

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Console Applications with Play Framework 2.x

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How to remove task dependency in Gradle

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Scala Clients for BTC-e Trade and Public Data APIs (My First Opensource Released)

Why Scala+PlayFramework Could Be The Best Choice For Your Startup

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Play2+Morphia: how to avoid 'can't parse argument number interface' error

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Akka-based Data Extraction System Design

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Play Framework (v. 2.1): How to Test Actions Processing Binary Streams and Set Content Type for FakeRequest

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Valid Scala vs. valid HTML : Play views vs. Lift Views

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Nutch 1.6 is coming

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Open Information Land Tightens, Digg Has No RSS Now.

How to Make Blekko Your Default Search Engine in Firefox

How to Install Hadoop 1.0.3 on Cluster (+Nutch)

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Why Google+ Profile Sitemaps is Privacy Issue

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Google+ Hack - How to Get 440M Profile URLs

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Webservice with Groovy and Restlet

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Happy 10th Birthday Nutch

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Essential books for software developer

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